About us

Scooter Electric shop was founded by passionate scooters skaters in 2019. Before founding the company, we spent all our free time with electric scooters.

This became an profession for us and we started a store in spain. This became the beginning of Scooter Electric shop and the company quickly grew and became well known as a shop selling quality electric scooters at reasonable prices. Today, we sell a wide range of from scooters.

We deliver the best products from worldwide brands and introduce some brand new, lesser known brands. We promise to bring you, our customer, the best models from all around the world. We represent eg. electric scooters TNE, FLJ and Kaabo -models.

We founded the company out of passion and our employees live and breathe for every day! We are a team of dedicated riders and many of us practice these electric scooter every day. This means that we have an in-depth knowledge about the products that we sell and know what the customer needs, no matter if it is a scooter beginners or professionals.

We share the same passion and we always test our products, and the different brands to ensure a high quality and provide the best service and guidance for you.

Scooter Elecrico is an online store with an stock in Spain. You can always call or send an email our customer service if you need any help or guidance regarding a product, an order or shipment.

We believe in cities free from congestion, noise and pollution. We believe in cities where citizens can freely move around on their terms.

Best regards
Scooter Electrico team